5 Incredible Benefits to Revisiting Your Love Story

What will revisiting your love story actually do for you and your marriage?  I can tell you from experience that there are immediate and lasting benefits.

5 Incredible Benefits to Revisiting Your Love Story

These are benefits I’ve seen in other couples as I’ve led thousands of them through this process.

First, you’ll gain a greater sense of pride in your story.  There’s no other story quite like yours: how you met, the point when you knew you were meant to be together, the day you got engaged, your first kiss, your wedding day and honeymoon, your greatest joys and pains, and all the ups and downs in between.  Most of all, it’s the honest, real-life version of your story – no sugar coating…no positive spins.  It’s YOUR story and there’s no other story quite like it…including the mistakes.  It’s imperfect…and that’s what you’ll be most proud of.

Second, the bond between the two of you will strengthen.  War veterans say the bond between them and their fellow soldiers is unmistakable and unbreakable because of what they experienced together.  The same is true for the two of you.  Your story will become a badge of honor because of all that you’ve been through together, and how far you’ve traveled.

Third, your conversational intimacy will deepen.  The large majority of couples from our Marriage Rocks event have told us they loved the opportunity to focus solely on their relationship, and talk through all the questions.  Other couples (via our feedback form) said it was awkward initially because it quickly revealed how far they had drifted in their conversational intimacy.  It exposed their need to talk regularly on a more personal and intimate level.  Think about it.  In the past 6 months (or 6 years!), how often have the two of you talked openly about…well,…YOU?  Just you, your marriage, your story?  Click here for more information on Marriage Rocks.

Fourth, your relationship with God will deepen.  As you walk back through your love story together, you’ll be reminded of how present and active He’s been in your marriage – and your love and gratitude towards Him will grow.  What I mean is…your spiritual intimacy together will grow.  You’ll realize how gracious and kind He’s been when you failed, and how powerful and strong He’s been in keeping you together all of this time.

Fifth, you’ll want to share, and preserve, your story.  Your story, either written or video-recorded, can become a treasured family keepsake – a family heirloom that can be passed down to future generations.  Similar to an inheritance, you’ll come to the realization that your story is a treasure – a trophy of God’s grace.  It’s special, unique, and most of all…its worth telling. And it’s worth preserving and telling because it will inspire others and glorify God.

What does it mean to revisit your love story?  It means setting aside some time to talk and to remember.  It’s that simple.  And in a future post I’ll be provide discussion points and questions for you and your spouse to talk through together.

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