A Few Tips to Heat Up Your Holidays

Despite the busy-ness of the holidays, it can still be a very romantic and meaningful time of year for the two of you.  Let me explain.

A Few Tips To Heat Up You Holidays

Christmas already has romantic elements built in – the lights, music, gifts, etc.  It’s all around us!  And the story (the real Christmas story of Christ coming to earth) is after all, a love story.

For God so loved the world that He gave (John 3:16)

I have loved you with an everlasting love (Jeremiah 31:3)

It’s been said that the essence of romance is pursuit – the unselfish efforts of a person attempting to win, and keep, the heart of another.  And there’s no greater story of pursuit than…

the incarnation (Christmas) – the Lord Jesus Christ choosing to temporarily lay aside a portion of his glory to become Emmanuel – God with us.  The Word (Jesus) became flesh and dwelt among us (John 1:14).

So, since we’re surrounded by romantic elements, why not seize the opportunity to pursue your spouse and enhance your marriage?  In other words, heat up your holidays!  Here’s how:

Create a Romantic Moment

Right in the middle of all the activities of Christmas, create a moment just for the two of you.  Here’s a few ideas:

  • Find a romantic Christmas song (there’s plenty of them) and ask your spouse to dance.  Wherever you are (kitchen, living room, bedroom, etc.), …dance.  Even if that means simply rocking back and forth.  Trust me, you don’t have to take ballroom dancing lessons for this one.
  • Write a Christmas love note (just a paragraph) explaining why you think he/she is your greatest gift this Christmas.
  • Surprise them with a gift they wouldn’t expect, at a time they wouldn’t expect.  A gift on their want list rather than the need list.  Don’t get me wrong…practical gifts are nice and they make sense, but try to give a gift that shows you’ve been paying attention.

Don’t Cancel Christmas 

I’ve heard many couples say they no longer give gifts to each other at Christmas so they can give more to others; or perhaps because it’s hard enough to pull off Christmas in their house, so eliminating the burden of giving to each other makes everything a little bit easier.  I’m not a fan of that plan.

It’s important to exchange gifts with one another on Christmas morning (or whenever you open gifts).  It can be a powerful moment.  Let others witness the love between the two of you.  Your marriage is a witness to the world, so let others (kids, family, friends) see the power and beauty of what God has brought together in your holy matrimony.

Do As Much Together As Possible

I have to admit…this isn’t my strength.  There are some Christmas activities I really don’t care for, like putting up lights around the outside of the house.  I’m just not a fan.  But Debbie loves it and it means a lot to her.

A couple of years ago, she didn’t want to deal with my crummy attitude about it, so she went ahead and did it herself.  I really couldn’t blame her, but I felt like a big scrooge.  So when we went to get our tree together, I surprised her by taking her to Panera Bread for hot chocolate (there’s still hope for me!); and we enjoyed one of the best conversations we had had in a while.

Maybe this is an encouragement for us guys to not check out, but to be present.  Give the present of your full presence.

The saddest part about being human is not paying attention. Presence is the gift of life ~ Stephen Levine Click To Tweet

Here’s the point: Go shopping together.  Go to Christmas Eve service together.  Decorate the tree together.  Do as much as you can…together.  Be a team.  In my experience, its the only way to make the most of the annual Christmas “invasion” – and Christmas really does have a way of invading our lives each year.

In closing, remember that the moments you create together are within the context of the most romantic love story of all – the story of God giving His Son, Emmanuel, in the most sacrificial display of unconditional love this world has ever seen.  God gave Himself.

He became flesh and ultimately allowed His life to be taken so that we could be in relationship with Him.  He was motivated by perfect love.  He took all the initiative.  He did all of the pursuing…and continues to do so.  He knew exactly what we needed, and wanted.  He is the most amazing gift-giver of all.

So, allow your love story to get caught up in the greatest love story of all.

The story (the real Christmas story of Christ coming to earth) is, after all, a love story. Click To Tweet

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