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MarTran4We’ve created two marriage conference themes to choose from:

The Marriage Transformation Conference is based on the premise that God’s original design for marriage is oneness and intimacy; and the journey towards oneness includes large doses of self-discovery and personal transformation.  God uses our marriage to transform us, but what does this look like in the real world?  Couples leave with real answers to questions like …

  • What is it about me that God wants to change and heal?
  • How am I contributing to our communication problems?
  • What if my spouse isn’t interested in working on our marriage?
  • Why is my marriage not working?
  • Why is communication such a problem for us?

More than simply delivering information, this event brings about transformation.

“The marriage seminar the Buckners teach is the most informative and enjoyable that I have ever attended.  Their sharing of their own marriage journey along with simple and effective changes in how we view and deal with our spouses brought immediate and long lasting changes in my own marriage and for this I am eternally grateful.”  –Conference Attendee

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The Extraordinary Marriage Conference is a terrific follow-up to the Marriage Transformation event, and is based upon the simple question, “Why settle for good when you can experience great?”  This conference challenges couples of all ages to resist the urge to “settle” and reach for their full potential.  Couples leave with real answers to questions like,

  • What is a “real life” definition of an extraordinary marriage?
  • What is the #1 key to a thriving marriage?
  • How can we ensure that our marriage grows for a lifetime?
  • How can we positively impact other couples and leave an extraordinary marriage legacy?

Couples learn the simple, daily choices they can make to tip their marriage from ordinary to extraordinary.

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    1. The most rewarding thing about maaigrre is having a helpmate to do life with. Together we can laugh and cry; navigate the waters of those things which are both familiar and unknown; and learn from one another, while also helping to push one another towards new heights which may seem unreachable. Knowing that you have someone to talk through things with makes life so much richer.The most difficult thing about being married is quite simply learning to listen to and communicate with someone who is wired to communicate in a way that is nuanced and different from the way in which you are wired.