What is a Hot Marriage?

Allow me to give a brief description of why we chose the name Hot Marriage.  The title originates from the Old Testament book of Song of Solomon – a book know for it’s “spicy” description of the love between two young lovers.  We wanted a name that would communicate something biblical, meaningful, memorable, and even a little controversial.  As we were praying, talking, and perusing the Bible, we stumbled upon the following text, and the word HOT jumped off the page to us:


It certainly caught our attention, so we decided to study the word HOT in it’s original meaning.  To make a long story short, in the original language (Hebrew), it became clear that God is saying several very important things in this passage:

  1. He ORIGINATES the fire of love in a marriage
  2. He REKINDLES the fire of love in a marriage and keeps it burning
  3. He IS the fire of love in a marriage

That’s right…you read it correctly! The word used in the original text is Yahh, which is closely connected to Yahweh…the real name of Jehovah, or God. God isn’t simply referring to marital love in this passage—He is referring to Himself…”The Lord Most Hot.” Other parts of Scripture tell us that “God is a consuming fire.”  In other words, God’s love for the world is revealed (in part) through your marriage.

This tells us that marriage is much more than God’s “idea” or “institution.” There is something about covenant marriage that is literally the nature of Jehovah Himself!  Marriage is a manifestation of God.  In some mysterious way that is beyond my ability to describe, He is PRESENT within the covenant oneness between husbands and wives.  The sacrificial love between a husband and wife (as it’s described in the Scriptures) is one of the clearest ways God illustrates His profound love for all mankind.

You may not feel like your marriage illustrates God’s love to the world right now, but it still can.  Remember #1, He originates the fire of love in a marriage.  That means He’s the author of  your story, and He’s still writing it – regardless of how may floods you’ve been in together.

Also remember #2, He rekindles the fire of love in an marriage and keeps it burning.  In other words, we can’t succeed without Him.  We were never able too, and we were never meant too.  When we’re engulfed by the waters of disappointment, disillusionment, and pain…we can turn to Him and ask Him to do what only He can do.

But keep in mind, the process is going to include large doses of SELF-discovery and personal responsibility.  In other words, marriage is meant to purify us.  Scripture uses fire as a metaphor to describe God’s purging, sanctifying process in our lives; and as John Eldredge says in his book Love and War, that furnace is the means by which God does his greatest work in us.

This, in part, is why we chose Hot Marriage.  Song of Solomon 8:6-7 clearly answers the question, “what is a hot marriage?”

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